Imagined Present

Positioning (BFA Catalog Essay)

Feb 20th, 2020
How do we maintain motivation in spite of crippling fear? In spite of your the risk that you're friends and families face? How do you carry your work in confidence, knowing that your entire life can be ripped away from you at somebody else’s discretion?

The first fight is in our conception. The future is already ours, we’ve already claimed it. We’ve refused assimilation and we will not beg for our validation. We’ve been cast out, but into our own dominion, our own timeline, our own derivative of history — we’ve only to act and shape it in our best interest.

We can imagine liberation. We can conceptualize and theorize it, we can discuss and share it on social media, but more than anything — for the sake of our parents, our children, our communities, and our well-being — we must live in that future. Our imagination must ground our present / we must position ourselves in the future we seek — this is where we must emanate from.

Our conviction is spiteful. It takes confidence in proving the impossible to be already in our grasp. The dissolution of nations and borders, the obsolescence of capitalism, the validation of every individual and conviviality with our entire planet, its all been set in motion. These roots already span our fertile minds, and the seeds are carried on the wind of our collective voices.

Our intuition knows the way, it remembers the collective memory of our ancestors, it remembers life before money, industry, property, conquest and hierarchy. Its memory is vivid, inscribed in our souls and in our instincts, reminding us that our suffering is conjured, that it’s self-inflicted, it’s entirely unnatural. It knows the way back, our way forward, our way out. We’ve only to remember.

We will return to the earth, to ourselves, to the future. Our imagination is remembrance — of what we already know, of the liberation that is already ours. Our struggle is with the colonized parts of mind. Once we win there, we can truly live in our freedom.